ETITO Contact Centre Newsletter

July 2011

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ETITO has three great opportunities for companies to continue building skills improving their day-to-day performance and productivity. Three new business programmes are now available in business administration and first line management.

By giving staff the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge to perform their role at the top level, their confidence and their contribution to the company will grow.

Flexible business qualifications allow staff to choose from a series of elective units that can be tailored to best meet their needs and the needs of their company. The qualifications have the added benefit of having skills which are useful for any number of roles.


Details of the programmes are:

National Certificate in Business Administration and Computing [Level 3]

This qualification suits people with a broad range of business administration knowledge and skills and allows them a choice of credits to match the skills they use in their role.  The certificate will suit those who have an intermediate level of knowledge and skills and prepare them for further education and training.  Comprising of 60 credits, the qualification covers.

  • Business administration
  • Computing
  • Communication skills
  • Customer service skills.


National Certificate in Business Administration [Level 4]

A qualification that can signal the start of a career pathway or build on the skills and knowledge of the level 3 certificate, the level 4 offers plenty of flexibility to people with a more advanced level of business administration and computing skills. Comprising of 60 credits, the qualification covers more advanced:

  • Business administration
  • Computing
  • Communication skills
  • Customer service skills.


National Certificate in Business [First Line Management] [Level 4]

This certificate provides a perfect opportunity for new managers, supervisors, or those without previous formal management training, to get the skills they need and gain a qualification.  It will give you or your staff the resources to build and manage positive employer/employee relationships, resolve day-to-day challenges and conflict and enable you to lead your team to new levels of professionalism. It comprises of 45 credits.

The compulsory section of the programme includes key skills in:

  • Improving workplace relationships
  • Organisational principles
  • Performance management planning.

The elective sections include relevant business skills in:

  • Business operations and development
  • Communication skills
  • Organisational management skills.


These programmes take between 9 – 12 months to complete.

To find out more about how the business programmes can benefit your firm talk to your ETITO training manager today.  Click here for contact details.